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November 3rd, 2023

Immuron Achieves Record Travelan Sales in September Quarter

Immuron (IMC: $0.075) has reported a record $1.5 million in sales in the September quarter for its Travelan product used to prevent travelers' diarrhea.

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May 19th, 2023

Immuron Receives FDA Clearance for Third US Study

The FDA has removed a clinical hold on Immuron's (IMC: $0.08) study for a new therapeutic to prevent infectious diarrhea, caused by two bacteria, E. coli and Campylobacter.

May 1st, 2023

Immuron – Sales Start to Rebound Strongly

Immuron's (IMC: $0.078) business was severely impacted by the pandemic, with its lead product, Travelan, sold to prevent traveller's diarrhea. Sales fell from $2.7 million in FY2020 to just $166,000 in FY2021.