Bioshares Corporate Subscription

Bioshares Corporate Subscription
Bioshares has introduced a new Corporate Subscription product. By subscribing to this new service, listed biotech companies can ensure secured research and analysis of their companies in the biotech investment publication, and importantly, this will remain an independent service.

As the number of biotech companies listed on the ASX has expanded from less than 30 in 1999 to over 120 today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide comprehensive and timely analysis of this sector under the current structure. Over the last six years, the Bioshares service has been funded predominantly by retail investors seeking assistance with their biotech investment decisions. To ensure the viability of the Bioshares research service into the future, we have introduced this new corporate service.

Wider and more comprehensive analysis
The new research fee structure will provide a number of benefits to investors and listed biotech companies. Investors who subscribe to Bioshares will receive wider and more comprehensive coverage of the biotech sector for no additional cost, and also coverage of companies that have received limited analysis by Bioshares to date. Biotech companies can lock in regular independent analysis by the Bioshares team and Corporate Subscribers will immediately gain copyright access to any articles covering their company.

Specifically, Bioshares Corporate Subscribers will receive:
· One major analysis each year, between but not limited to 1200 – 1500 words
· Two updates each year, between 600 – 800 words in length each
· Immediate copyright access to all Bioshares articles that feature the subscribing company in a PDF extract format
· Distribution of weekly Bioshares for up to 5 employees and directors for 12 months

Independence established and will be maintained
Our independence has been established and acknowledged over the last six years through publishing what we believe is a widely respected investment newsletter. Independence remains crucial to our objectives in providing accurate investment advise to subscribers and we are confident our independence will be retained after the introduction of this new product. It is also important to maintain this independence for the biotech companies we follow, as we believe the analysis in Bioshares will continue to be respected and well received by institutional and retail investors.

By ‘secured’ we mean that companies will get under the spotlight of Bioshares. What is does not mean is that companies can tell Bioshares what to write and when to write it.

Set terms and conditions & subscription form
To accept this offer, companies will be required accept set terms and conditions, acknowledging that Bioshares maintains full analysis independence and that we can and will place a Buy, Hold or Sell recommendations on a particular stock reflecting the results from our company research. The terms and conditions of this service form can be viewed on the Subscription Form.

Non-Corporate companies will still be covered
The Bioshares view on many companies in the sector has been recorded and is well known to most readers. Don’t expect our frank and forthright views to change. We will also continue to cover companies that do not subscribe to this new service. And we will list the companies on the rear page of each edition that have become Corporate Subscribers.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please call Mark Pachacz on 0403 850 425 or email


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