Bioshares Biotech Summit 2018 - PROGRAM

2018 Bioshares Biotech Summit - Program
(Rydges Hotel, Queenstown)
Thursday 26 July, 2018

CEO Dinner
Millbrook Cubhouse (Biotech company CEOs only, bookings essential) - Pick up from Rydges Hotel at 6pm (meet at Reception at 5.45pm)

After Dinner Informal Drinks - Barmuda Bar, Queenstown
Friday 27 July, 2018
9.00am - 1pm Registration
(Queenstown Room, Rydges Hotel, Level 5)
8.00am - 5.00pm

Private Investor Meeting Rooms (Dart & Rees Rooms)
(QT Hotel, from level 6 Rydges, walk across to QT and take lift to level 7)

9.00am (Tea & Coffee)
Pre-Summit Master Class: Crisis Management

(Von Room, QT Hotel, from level 6 Rydges, walk across to QT and take lift to level 7)

Meet the CEO Pre-Summit Session
1. Micro-X
2. Cynata Therapeutics
(Von Room, QT Hotel, from level 6 Rydges, walk across to QT and take lift to level 7)

Welcome to the Bioshares Biotech Summit 2018

(Queenstown Room)

Drugs are Good
The discovery and development of novel therapeutics is driven by advances in chemistry and biology. It is also motivated by the need to reach higher levels of efficacy, address an intractable condition or tackle disease conditions that are complicated. It has always been hard, always been difficult, but when patients have access to medicines that make them better, or improve their quality of life, then we can say that “drugs are good.”

This session will take its lead from work being undertaken by four companies which are developing drugs across very different areas of medical need: diabetic nephropathy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, wound healing and addiction.

This session will consider the competitive tensions which drive drug development and deal execution, exploring the gaps in the market for these new therapeutics, and what type of data will be required to execute licensing deals with partners.

- Assoc. Professor David Packham, CMO of Dimerix Ltd
- Dr Rosalind Wilson, CEO of Factor Therapeutics
- Mark Diamond, CEO of Antisense Therapeutics
- Hugh Alsop, CEO of Kinoxis

Chair: David Blake


Competitive Tension Part 1 - What Drives M&A Deals

After a long period of inaction, M&A activity returned to the life sciences sector this year. Key insights into the precedent conditions, the economics, the commercial drivers and the legal process and consideration of alternative futures will be addressed by speakers in this session, which will be followed by a panel discussion.

- Dr Tom Duthy, Global Head of IR and Corporate Development, Sirtex Medical
- Dr Michelle Fraser, CEO of RHS (now PerkinElmer)


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3.15pm - 4.15pm Tea & Coffee Break

Building an International Healthcare Business
- Insights into global regions

- Rod Hannington, Director of Eagle Health
- Kate Quirke, CEO of MKM Health (Alcidion)

Chair: David Blake


Oncology Drug Development
Oncology drug development continues to be one of the biggest areas of investment, yet the returns can be elusive, given the fragmented nature of the market, and a multiplicity of treatment protocols. Approaches that deliver substantial gains in survival rates are hard to come by, despite the gains made with the newer classes of immune-oncology therapeutics that have come to market in recent years.

In this session, the presenters will discuss their drug development strategies, articulate the investment proposition for investors, describe the competitive landscape for their programs and the key value inflexion points ahead for their companies.

- Bryce Carmine, Chair and CEO of HaemaLogiX
- James Garner, CEO of Kazia Therapeutics
Nick Ede, CTO of Imugene

Chair: David Blake

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End of day’s formal sessions

7.00pm - 11pm - Cocktail Reception
WineHouse (by bus)
Meet at Rydges Reception at 6.45pm for 7pm departure

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Saturday 28 July, 2018
7.45am Tea & Coffee
8.00am - 9.40am

The Investment Proposition – Does the Means Justify the End?
It is a costly, capital intensive process to develop cutting-edge medical devices and diagnostics and then to launch and compete with products in global markets in a bid to create a viable, high growth business. This can be a long-term process.

What are the approaches and considerations that these companies are pursuing to ensure the end products do justify the means, is a theme that will be explored in this session. Discussion about the investment needed to build the businesses, the alternative business plans being explored, and the timeline to pay-off for investors, will occur.

- Peter Rowland, CEO of Micro-X
- Brent Barnes, CEO of LBT Innovations
- Arik Anderson, CEO of Adherium
- Mike McCormick, CEO of Osprey Medical

Chair: Peter Lewis (Panorama Synergy / Hydrix)

Emerging Diagnostics
This session will feature two emerging diagnostic companies that are seeking to provide more rapid/accurate diagnosis of major diseases and bring these products into global markets.

- Colin Denver, CEO of Speedx
- Bob Proulx, CEO of Imagion

9.40am - 10.40 am Tea & Coffee Break

Special Guest Speaker - The Role of the Microbiome in Health and Disease
Dr Jake Begun

Over the last eight years, research into the human gut microbiome has exploded, with research showing how gut bacteria influence the immune system and is revealing the role of the microbiome in neurological conditions such as mood, anxiety, depression and autism, metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes and how certain medical conditions such as c.difficile infection, Crohn’s and IBS can be treated successfully with gut microbiome directed therapies.

Tools for Microbiome Research & Development of New Therapies
Microbiome research is being powered by advances made with the tools used by researchers to analyse and characterise gut bacteria and other gut organisms, such as viruses and fungi. The University of Queensland spin-out Microba is the first company to offer whole genome sequencing to the public at an accessible price point and is aiming to build the world’s largest whole genome database of the human gut microbiome.

Microba CEO Blake Wills will explain the company’s business plan and how they plan to address different market segments, including the well, the unwell, the clinical trials sector and the medical professional sector.
- Blake Wills, CEO of Microba

Chair: Tim Clark, Piper Alderman


CNS Drug Development and Mental Health
Perseverance is a touchstone for companies involved in developing therapies for CNS conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, as well in diagnostic modalities. In this session, presenters will update investors on the changes in the landscape that have occurred over the last twelve months and how their respective therapies and diagnostic solutions for mental health disorders are relevant to patients, doctors and payors.

- Dr Sue O'Connor, VP of NeuroScience Research at Bionomics
- Matt Liddelow, CEO of NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals
- Peta Slocombe, VP of Corporate Health at Medibio

Chair: Mark Pachacz


Late Breaking Clinical News


1pm: Full Summit Lunch in Reds Bar & Bazaar Restaurant
(level 6 Rydges Hotel for all registered attendees)

4.00pm Tea/Coffee

Private Company Profile - MediKane
- Malcom Ball, Technical Director


Competitive Tension – Part 2
In this session, the focus will be on how the presenting companies are seeking to build competitive tension for their products and compounds which secures adoption by their customers and puts pressure on rivals in the market place.

- Gary Phillips, CEO of Pharmaxis
- Ralph Highnam, CEO of Volpara Health Technologies

Chair: Mark Pachacz


- Max Cunningham, Executive General Manager, Listings & Issuer Services, ASX Ltd

Investment Panel Session
The panel will feature some of Australia’s leading biotech and healthcare analysts and fund managers. Investors will learn about what is keeping them up at night, what are current market trends, what the outlook is for the next 12 months is and what are these analysts favourite stocks.

Chair: Mark Pachacz

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Closing Remarks


End of Summit Sessions

  Summit Dinner
7.00pm Rydges Hotel
Level 4

Please note that this program is subject to change.


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