Bioshares Biotech Summit 2019 - PROGRAM

2019 Bioshares Biotech Summit - Draft Program

Summit Theme - Competition

Note about Summit locations
For the first time, Summit sessions will be held at Skyline and also Millbrook Resort. Shuttle buses will be available between venues, so it is possible to stay either at the Resort or at alternative accommodation in Queenstown.
This includes the reasonably priced Novotel Hotel from which shuttle buses will depart for all Millbrook events. See Summit main page for details.

Thursday 25 July, 2019
3.00pm - 5-00pm

Millbrook, Hole in One Cafe

CEO Dinner
Millbrook Millhouse Restaurant (Biotech company CEOs only, bookings essential)
- Pick up from Novotel Hotel at 6pm (meet at Reception at 5.45pm)-
- Return shuttle from Millbrook, 10.30pm-
Friday 26 July, 2018 (at Skyline)
8.30am Shuttle Bus
- Millbrook to Skyline-

-Skyline (Wakatipu Room)-
Access by gondola from Queenstown

10am Welcome to Bioshares Biotech Summit 2019 - Day 1 (at Skyline)

Competition Part 1: Changing Business Models and Product Offerings
In the innovation-driven biotech sector, companies regularly need to adjust their business plans, explore new opportunities, which may not always work, continue with product evolution and respond to the needs of the changing healthcare market to build and maintain a strong competitive position. In this session we will hear from three such companies, all of which have large operating businesses in the US, that will also provide an update on the competitive sectors in which they operate. 

1.Volpara Health Technologies, CEO Ralph Highnam
2.Somnomed, CEO Neil Verdal-Austin
3. Cogstate
, CEO Brad O'Connor
4. Aroa Biosurgery, CEO Brian Ward

-Skyline (Wakatipu Room)-

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11.50am Innovations in Oncology
There are at least 10 ASX-listed biotechs managing the development of an estimated 20 cancer drug candidate assets.  In this session attendees will receive updates from three of these companies. Imugene will discuss developments with its expanded B-cell vaccine technology program, Amplia Therapeutics will describe its FAK inhibitors, which have the potential to treat both fibrotic cancers and fibrotic diseases, and Patrys will provide a concise snapshot of its novel brain cancer drug candidate, PAT-DX1.

5.Amplia Therapeutics, CEO John Lambert
6.Imugene, CTO Nick Ede
7. Patrys, CEO James Campbell

-Skyline (Wakatipu Room)-
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12.40pm Botanicals Part 1: Lessons from Pharma for the Medicinal Cannabis Industry
While a number of healthcare regulators around the world have moved to legalise the use of medicinal cannabis has grown, this change has been accompanied by significant hype. What is the reality, how might that realty change and what can this industry learn from the classical pharma industry as well as from generics and OTC product experiences? How can companies build a differentiated and sustainable position in this newly created (i.e. legalised) industry? How are healthcare groups around the world advancing the use of medicinal cannabis? In this session, we will hear from a seasoned international pharmaceutical veteran who has recently taken the reigns of a local medicinal cannabis company.

8. AusCann
, CEO Ido Kanyon

Lunch Break

Next Generation Diagnostics
This session will showcase three very different diagnostic companies, although all share a common purpose to create better decision tools for clinicians and patients. Emvision is seeking to harness electromagnetic microwave in a portable device that can aid in the diagnosis of stroke. Rhythm Biosciences is developing a blood-based immunoassay for colorectal cancer screening. And Ellume is developing professional and consumer tests for rapidly diagnosing influenza, latent TB and tonsillitis.

9. Emvision, CEO Ron Weinberger
10. Rhythm Biosciences, CEO Glenn Gilbert
11. Ellume, Sean Parsons

Chair: Greg Roger, Vestech

-Skyline (Wakatipu Room)-

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3.00pm The Mike Hirshorn Address

Dr Tony Radford, former CEO of Cellestis, Director of Ellume & Genetic Signatures


Part 1: On The Cusp...
After many years of development, the pending launch of new products or expected acceleration of product revenue is on the horizon for several companies in this sector. This session will hear from several companies that are ‘On the Cusp’ of revenue growth or product launches!

12. ResApp Health, CEO Tony Keating
13. Micro-X, CFO Peter Rowland
14. Rhinomed, CEO Michael Johnson

-Skyline (Wakatipu Room)-
5.00pm Gut Health & the Microbiome
15. Anatara Lifesciences, CEO Steve Lydeamore
16. Atmo Biosciences, CEO Malcolm Hebblewhite
17. Microba, CEO Blake Wills

End of Day 1 Sessions


Shuttle Bus
- Skyline to Millbrook-

7.30pm Shuttle Bus
- Novotel (Queenstown) to Millbrook-

Cocktail Reception
-Millbrook Clubhouse-

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Shuttle Bus
- Millbrook to Novotel (Queenstown)-

Saturday 27 July, 2019 (at Millbrook)
11.30am Shuttle Bus
- Novotel (Queenstown) to Millbrook-
12.00pm - 12.30pm Lunch
-Provided in Millbrook Pavilion-
12.45pm Day 2 Sessions Start
- Millbrook-

Part 2: On The Cusp...
After many years of development, the pending launch of new products or expected acceleration of product revenue is on the horizon for several companies in this sector. In this we session will hear from several companies that are ‘On the Cusp’ of revenue growth or major product launches.

18.Acrux, CEO Michael Kotsanis
19. Bluechiip, CEO Andrew McLellan
20. Cyclopharm, CEO James McBrayer
21.Telix Pharmaceuticals, CEO Christian Behrenbruch

-Millbrook Millhouse Conference Centre-

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Drug Development; Not a Straight Line
Invariably the task of therapeutic product development throws down harsh challenges. The hallmark of a great biotech company is how it prepares for and responds to those challenges. Is a clinical trial failure or a regulatory setback a terminal issue for a biotech? In this session we will hear from two companies that are responding to such challenges.

22.Actinogen Medical, CEO Bill Ketelbey

-Millbrook Millhouse Conference Centre-

2.40pm Unwelcomed Surprises in Biotech
Piper Alderman, Tim Clark & Mark Williamson


4.00pm Competition Part 2: Therapeutics for Chronic Diseases – Competitive Positioning
The companies presenting in this session are exploiting their in-house drug discovery capabilities, to competitively position their businesses to treat a suite of chronic diseases. These start in orphan indications such as idiopulmonary fibrosis and a rare kidney disease FSGS, and seeking to leverage those capabilities into major diseases such as NASH and chronic kidney disease through eventual global licensing deals.

23. Dimerix, CEO Nina Webster
24. Adalta, CEO Sam Cobb
25. Pharmaxis, CEO Gary Phillips

-Millbrook Millhouse Conference Centre-

Building a Global Hi-Tech Business

26. Micro-X, CEO Peter Rowland

5.20pm Closing Remarks
5.30pm End of Summit Sessions
5.45pm Shuttle Bus
- Millbrook to Novotel (Queenstown)-

Shuttle Bus
- Millbrook to Queenstown (opposite Crown Plaza Hotel)-

7.15pm - 11.15pm Summit Dinner
TSS Earnslaw Cruise to Walter Peak
11.15pm Shuttle Bus
- Queenstown (opposite Crown Plaza Hotel) to Millbrook-

Please note that this program is subject to change.


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