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November 20th, 2023

Neuren Completes First of Four Phase II Studies

In additional to the lucrative royalty stream and milestone payments Neuren Pharmaceuticals (NEU: $14.68) is receiving from its first drug DAYBUE, the company is also conducting four clinical studies in four separate neurodevelopmental disorders with its next drug candidate, NNZ-2591.

November 20th, 2023

Adalta Finalises Data for Licensing with Lead Compound AD214

Adalta (IAD: $0.018) is developing the next generation of therapeutic antibodies. These compounds are human protein drug candidates based on the unique structure of shark antibodies. This design combines the features of small molecule drugs (that can access binding sites conventionally difficult to access) and antibodies (which are characterized by the ability for highly specific binding).

November 20th, 2023

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals - Core Growth Focus Ahead

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (CUV: $16.62) has built a profitable business from the successful commercialization of Scenesse, a drug indicated for the treatment of EPP (erythropoietic protoporphyria). In the last financial year, revenue was up 19% and net profit was up 46% to $30.6 million. The company finished June with a cash balance of $157 million.

November 20th, 2023

First Results for Imugene's Oncolytic Virus CF33

In May last year, Imugene (IMU: $0.089) commenced the first study with its novel oncolytic virus, CF33. CF33 was invented by Dr Yuman Fong and his team at City of Hope. It was in-licensed by Imugene in 2019 with the first clinical study having started in May last year.

November 3rd, 2023

Chimeric Therapeutics - Four Phase Ib Studies in 2024 Ahead of Partnering Deals

For Chimeric Therapeutics (CHM: $0.029), achieving Phase Ib data from its programs is expected to position the company for licensing deals ahead of registration Phase II studies with CAR-T cell therapies.

November 3rd, 2023

Anteris Technologies Secures $40 Million in Capital Raise to Prepare for Pivotal Study

Novel heart valve development company Anteris Technologies (AVR: $20.00) has secured commitments to raise $40 million at $20 per share through a private placement.

November 3rd, 2023

Immuron Achieves Record Travelan Sales in September Quarter

Immuron (IMC: $0.075) has reported a record $1.5 million in sales in the September quarter for its Travelan product used to prevent travelers' diarrhea.

November 3rd, 2023

Aroa Biosurgery – On track for Revenue of NZ$72 - NZ$75 Million

Aroa Biosurgery (ARX: $0.79), a wound-healing products company, continues its resilient performance with a 35% increase in cash receipts during the September quarter compared to the PCP. Total revenue during the September quarter was NZ$14.8 million.

November 3rd, 2023

Neuren Pharmaceuticals – Strong DAYBUE Sales in September Quarter at US$67 million

–3 November 2023–

Neuren  Pharmaceuticals' (NEU: $11.29) partner Acadia Pharmaceuticals has reported a strong second quarter of sales of its drug DAYBUE for Rett syndrome after having been launched in the US in April this year.

October 10th, 2023

Acquisition Targets for Australian Biotech Sector (Cogstate)

Over the next 12-24 months a number of companies in the sector may receive acquisition bids. The last company to be acquired was ResApp Health for $180 million by Pfizer in 2022. Three companies viewed as potential targets by Bioshares are discussed below.

October 10th, 2023

Major Validation Deal for Dimerix

Dimerix (DXB: $0.16) has signed a licensing deal for its lead compound, DMX-200, with Advanz Pharma. The deal gives Advanz rights to the use of DMX-200 for the treatment of FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) in Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

October 3rd, 2023

Acquisition Targets for Australian Biotech Sector (Anteris Technologies)

Over the next 12-24 months a number of companies in the sector may receive acquisition bids. The last company to be acquired was ResApp Health for $180 million by Pfizer in 2022. Three companies viewed as potential targets by Bioshares are discussed below.

October 3rd, 2023

Pharmaxis (Syntara) Sells off Mannitol Business

Not surprisingly, Pharmaxis (PXS: $0.035) will sell off its mannitol drug business. The acquiror is Australian-based Arna Pharma.


CUV 943
September 19th, 2023

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals v. Nanosonics

Two highly successful life science companies that have emerged in the last decade in Australia are Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (CUV: $15.64) and Nanosonics (NAN: $4.37). Whilst one is a pharmaceutical company and the other sells medical products (the Trophon disinfection instrument for ultrasound probes), there are several commonalities between the two businesses which make a comparison worthwhile.

September 19th, 2023

Polynovo v AROA Biosurgery

By most measures, except for net profit, Polynovo (PNV: $1.28) has delivered an exceptionally strong year in FY2023. Revenue has increased by 59% to $66.5 million, the numbers of hospitals/customers has increased by 168 to 638, and its staff numbers have also surged by 66 to 218.


respiri 944
September 4th, 2023

Respiri Signs Three US Remote Patient Monitoring Contracts

Having wrapped up the acquisition of Access Managed Services, Respiri (RSH: $0.03) has quickly moved to securing new initial patient monitoring contracts.



September 4th, 2023

Disappointing Half Year Sales for Cogstate; Pipeline for New Contracts at All-time High Levels

A robust 1H23 in recorded clinical trial sales amounting to US$27.3M was followed by a reduction of approximately 75% in 2H23, with sales totalling just US$6.7M. This marks a decline in overall clinical trial sales of 59% from the record reported in FY22 of US$82.5 million.

September 4th, 2023

Imugene to Acquire Fourth Technology Platform

Imugene (IMU: $0.065) has announced it will acquire its fourth technology platform in cancer immunotherapy. The company is in-licensing an allogeneic CAR-T program, called Azer-Cel, from US company Precision Biosciences.

CUV 944
September 4th, 2023

Robust Growth Expected to Continue for Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals

For FY2023, Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (CUV: $18.15) achieved total revenues of $83 million, which was up 24% on the previous year. The net profit for the year increased by 47% to $30.6 million. The company finished the year with $157 million in cash.

August 11th, 2023

2023 Bioshares Biotech Summit Coverage (Imugene)

Keynote address

Dr. Yuman Fong is a surgical oncologist at the City of Hope Medical Centre and was Keynote Speaker at this year's Bioshares Biotech Summit. As a clinician and scientist, while Dr. Fong's "day job" is surgery, he also works as an immuno-oncology researcher with his work partnered with Imugene (IMU: $0.089). Dr. Fong also has industry facing experience, having held regulatory roles in the approval process for immunotherapies and experience working with Genentech.